Prevent Bedsores and Pneumonia!
Easy on the Patient! Easy on the Caregiver!
Washable and Reusable, the Tomi Turn is designed for durability!

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Patients who are unable to turn or move in bed must be physically turned every 2-3 hours to prevent bed sores caused from constant pressure to the skin and tissue. Moving the patient is essential to help prevent pneumonia as the lungs can fill with fluid from inactivity.
The Tomi Turn is designed to enable one caregiver to turn a patient easily and gently, from side to side and up in bed without injury to the patient or caregiver!
The Tomi Turn is positioned under the patient with side handles at the shoulder and hip. Lift the leg of the patient on the side opposite the caregiver. To turn your patient, reach over the patient, grab the side handles, and pull the patient gently towards you, using legs, hips, and thighs. Hold the top handle to steady the patient on their side while you place pillows or wedges behind the patient in a 90 degree position.
To pull the patient up in bed, simply raise the bed to lift the legs. Pull the bed away from the wall, grab the top straps and gently pull patient towards the head of the bed.
The Strapping System is ergonomically designed with reinforced handles at the top, sides, and bottom. The Tomi Turn is Constructed of the best quilted 100 %cotton fabric on the top layer with a cotton soaker pad inside. The 100% webbed cotton straps are easy on the hands. The polyester backed moisture barrier prevents leakage protecting sheets and mattresses.

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