The T. Rost Corporation was formed in 2008 featuring innovative patient care products. The Tomi Turn (patent pending) has proven to be a God-send to Tom and other patients and caregivers alike. The Tomi Turn helped with bedsores and pneumonia and our prayer is that this product will be helpful to many people for generations to come.

From Motion Pictures to No Motion at all…

TomRostTom Rost left NASA as a motion picture and video branch chief to help his wife with their video production company in 1996. Tom & Harriette Rost spent most of their marriage building a successful video production company with customers based throughout the Southeast. Tom’s 40-plus years experience in film, video, and sound and Harriette’s experience in sales and marketing afforded the couple a rich and rewarding business together. Their lives were very full, working in their business and the community, and also enjoying their four children and six grandchildren

In May 2006, Tom suffered a massive stroke and was bedridden and almost completely paralyzed. After an extended stay at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, Harriette took Tom home to Athens. His quadriplegic state, coupled with his 6-foot-3 frame and his weight of 270 lbs. made it a challenge to handle him. He needed to be turned every 2-3 hours to alleviate pressure on his bedsores and prevent pneumonia.

TomHarrietteSmallConvinced that Tom needed to be cared for at home, Harriette went to work trying different methods of turning Tom. The conventional draw sheet left her knuckles raw and bleeding. She made several attempts to invent a device to enable her to turn him more gently and make it easier on her back, arms, and shoulders. Thus, the Tomi Turn was born! Because of this product, she was able to care for Tom at home with zero bed sores and no pneumonia.