Turning your patient is now gentle, safe,
and easy on the caregiver and the patient!



Safely Turning Bedridden Patients with the Tomi Turn

Turning Bedridden Patients is being made easier than ever with the Tomi Turn. Not only is it designed to prevent injury to the patient and the caregiver, but it’s washable, reusable, and can be maneuvered by one person! The quality of the material and the easy-to-use handles makes the Tomi Turn an essential tool for caregivers everywhere.

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Our Story

From Motion Pictures to No Motion at all…

Tom Rost left NASA as a motion picture and video branch chief to help his wife with their video production company…

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Why Tomi Turn?

Patients who are unable to turn or move in bed must be physically turned every 2-3 hours to prevent bed sores caused from constant pressure to the skin and tissue.

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About Us

The T. Rost Corporation was formed in 2008 featuring innovative patient care products. The Tomi Turn (patent pending) has proven to be a God-send to Tom and other patients and caregivers alike.

Healthcare Professionals and Caregivers rave over Tomi Turns!

"I used Tomi Turns under my 92 year old mother for 3 years. Because she was bed bound, it made turning her and pulling her up in bed so much easier and kinder! The home health nurses and aids loved using it, especially when they gave her a bath. Tomi Turns are a blessing for caregivers and for their patients!"
Melissa HowardDaughter and Caregiver
“The Tomi Turn is great for use in Intensive Care and after surgery, especially when patients are very sick and fragile. Nurses and Patient Care Techs love this product!”
Karen MiddletonDirector of Nurses
“I wouldn’t be able to keep my husband at home without the Tomi Turn! My knuckles were raw from turning and pulling the drawsheet every 2-3 hours”
Harriette RostCaregiver
“Home hospice care is not a 24 hour service, and families and friends become the primary caregivers for their loved ones. Several years ago, Lincoln Hospice recognized that one of the most valuable items that could be provided to hospice patients and their families was a Tomi Turn. For caregivers attempting to turn and reposition a bedbound patient, often unassisted, Tomi Turns are like having an extra set of hands. We provide them free of charge to all patients who need them, and our families tell us repeatedly how wonderful they are”.
Susie ComptonRN, MSN Administrator

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